2004 Story Book

We are pleased to present the 2004 FCSS Story Book. The theme of this edition is poverty and how it can impact our lives.

We have gathered stories from FCSS programs across the province – stories from FCSS program staff, volunteers and clients – to illustrate how poverty affects individuals, families and communities.

Some of the stories describe how FCSS programs have been involved in initiatives to address poverty and in raising awareness about poverty issues, while other stories from clients show how FCSS is an important community resource for support and services.

Research has shown that income is the most significant determinant of health and well-being. Income determines living conditions such as the kind of housing families can afford and the ability to buy sufficient, nourishing food. Research also shows that people with low incomes use more health, social services and child welfare services. Further, a key recommendation of the Mazankowski Report dealt with reducing poverty, particularly as it relates to children, as a method of improving the overall health of Albertans.

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