2005 Story Book

We’re pleased to present the 2005 FCSS Storybook. Our theme this year is Community Economic Development – “CED and FCSS”.

Community Economic Development (CED), unlike traditional economic development, marries the concept of making money to the desire for creating a healthier social environment. This means that rather than separate economic and social initiatives in communities, there is a blend of the two within the same initiative, and utilizing existing community strengths and opportunities is emphasized, rather than relying on outside organizations or businesses.

Community Economic Development initiatives have been successful in most provinces, but are particularly strong in Nova Scotia, Quebec and British Colombia. A fair amount of CED activity is happening in Alberta; however, it is often not identified as CED. Additionally, the role FCSS plays in CED is usually unrecognized – we hope to change that by telling the FCSS story – raising awareness of the tremendous leadership and support that FCSS provides to CED, and highlighting the potential for increased CED activity in Alberta.

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