2006 Story Book

How do you create a province? Well that’s easy, isn’t it? You make some roads, you put in some sewers, build some buildings and, you start some stores and businesses. Then, people move in and viola – a province! Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? Well, it may be – except for one thing: the people. How do you deal with them? How do you make them happy and healthy? What does it take for them to stay and thrive and prosper?

Those are the questions that have kept us at Family and Community Support Services occupied, puzzled and inspired for 40 years now. Ours is unique program with a varied skill set and one that seems full of never-ending challenges, constant fulfillment and the occasional unexpected surprise.

From our beginnings as PSS (Preventive Social Services), we have grown to fill a lot of roles within our communities.

Even after all this time, though, many FCSS staff and board members are still asked “What exactly does FCSS do?” The answer is simple: a lot of things.

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