2008 Story Book

We’re very pleased to present the 2008 Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) Storybook. This year’s Storybook reflects the theme of diversity and the many innovative ways FCSS staff and volunteers have found to address the changing faces of our communities. Each vignette portrays a unique situation, yet common themes are illustrated – from the importance of communication to sharing cultural practices, to strengthening partnerships and building safe neighbourhoods.

In 1901, there were 73,022 people in Alberta. In 2008, there are approximately 512,368 people. In the time between these years, the landscape and the people shifted and evolved. In 1901 the largest religious group in Alberta was Roman Catholic. By 1941, the United Church of Canada was the largest.

In the early 1950, Alberta was experiencing a labor shortage and decided that immigration was the solution, especially for manpower shortages in the skilled trades. Following World War II, The Post War Reconstruction Committee, appointed by the Province of Alberta, recommended giving preference to immigrants in the following order: British Isles and Eire, Northern Europeans, French, Slavics and the Southern Europeans. In the new century, Alberta is once again seeking a solution to labor shortages through immigration, but today everyone is welcome.

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