2012 Story Book

We are pleased to present the 2012 FCSS Storybook. This year, we decided to
do something a little different; instead of narrowing our focus to tell the stories
of only some of the work FCSS does in communities, we have chosen to broaden
the Storybook to tie in with the theme of our 2012 FCSSAA Power of Prevention
conference – “Making the Connection”. What better way to make the connection
than by celebrating all the connections made by FCSS throughout Alberta?

Connectedness permeates everything we do in FCSS. Whether it’s connecting
individuals with services, community members with each other, or FCSS programs
with other partners, FCSS is a leader in community engagement. As we read the
stories we received, we realized how difficult it is to compartmentalize the work
of FCSS, and recognized that, more than ever before, FCSS indeed is a ‘cradle to
grave’ resource for our communities, meeting the needs of multiple generations
and responding to all social issues identified in our communities.

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