2013 Story Book

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FCSS programs make a difference! Intuitively, we know that, but HOW do we know that? Is it the thank you from the family that now interacts positively? Is it increased participation in the weekly youth group? Or is it a community that comes together to strengthen their social networks and address social needs?

The ability to measure and effectively demonstrate the impact that FCSS has on individuals, families and community is becoming increasingly critical, from an accountability perspective and a program improvement perspective. With limited resources and increasing need, funders want to know exactly how their money is being invested – value for money is emphasized more and more. FCSS needs to demonstrate that the projects and services we provide have a positive impact. As importantly, evaluating outcomes, based on demonstrable data and factual feedback from participants, helps FCSS programs continuously improve.

The stories in our 2013 FCSS Storybook show the range of improved social well-being outcomes that can be achieved through FCSS – from individual achievements through short-term educational counseling or mentoring to community building and response to social issues. When Albertans are connected to one another – a new immigrant family to the people next door, teens to mentors, seniors to children, volunteers to volunteers, the hungry to those with the means to share, when kids have places to play, to love and

to learn – this is impact. It’s different in every village, town, city and neighbourhood in Alberta but we’re united by a single goal. This is the business of FCSS. We like to think of ourselves as builders. We build Albertans.

We hope you enjoy reading the 2013 FCSS Storybook and join us in celebrating how FCSS helps
to support strong individuals, who are members of strong families, who help build strong community. Each community has its unique challenges and resources. But Alberta’s FCSS builds this province by transforming government money – provincial and municipal – into social profit. We’re a spark in every community, encouraging people and partners to come together to figure out their needs. When one person feels safe and healthy, they contribute to a stronger family. When families are strong, they’re a bigger part of their community. And when communities are healthy, they’re motivated to give – of their time, of their compassion – to support individuals.