AUMA Welcoming and Inclusive Communities Toolkit

Refreshed Welcoming and Inclusive Communities toolkit now available for free download

The AUMA Welcoming and Inclusive Communities (WIC) Toolkit can help you in your efforts to make your community more welcoming and inclusive, particularly if you are not sure where to start.

Since its launch in 2006, the WIC Toolkit has been a key resource for municipalities in Alberta. To celebrate community successes over the last eight years, the toolkit has undergone a refresh to add new information on diversity and inclusion.

The new toolkit features new information and case studies regarding:

  • how to get buy-in to start a WIC initiative;
  • how to create a WIC action plan and where these plans fit within broader municipal initiatives; and
  • tips on turning plans into action and celebrating successes.

Download the new WIC Toolkit for free

For more information about WIC, or to be added to the WIC network, please visit the website, or send an e-mail.