Doing Your Progress Report, 1996

Signs of Progress, Signs of Caution is a tool for local community groups. It will help you to learn more about your community and about Healthy Communities in general. It works best when it is used by a variety of people working together towards a shared goal of making their community a healthier place in which to live.

The healthy communities’ process allows each individual community and local government to act on issues that it has identified. By working together, community representatives can best determine what makes their community healthy. This process involves more than simply collecting numbers and measuring performance – it is a process that requires a genuine feeling for the soul of a community.

Signs of Progress, Signs of Caution will introduce you to the simple elements that make a community healthy. It will broaden your knowledge and appreciation of the components of a healthy community, and will help you look for and monitor these elements in your own community. As a learning tool, this workbook will help to increase your understanding of what a healthy community is and can be. It is not a tool for simply collecting data.

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