Marketing and Promoting FCSS

Communication and marketing materials developed for the FCSS Association of Alberta, by Focus Communications, to be used and modified by local FCSS programs.

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FCSSAA Communication Training:  A How To Guide  which will walk you through some of the tools and provide additional information about communications and marketing in a more general sense.

FCSS Editable Poster Template  is in Microsoft Word so it can be customized by everyone. Use this as a poster, for flyers of reports.

FCSS Power Point Template  includes a cover slide, an introduction slide, and a body slide. The photos can be easily changed to customize the presentation.

FCSS Blank Document Template  can be used for letters, press releases, memos, or any other correspondence. It is completely customizable but still captures the look and feel of the other documents.

FCSS Key Messages – By Audience  have been developed to get the key messages delivered to targetted audiences.

FCSS Awareness Survey Results  The results of a 2016 survey undertaken to determine the awareness of FCSS throughout Alberta.