Introducing The 2015 FCSS Board


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Message From The President

Greetings -
Improving the social well-being of individuals, families and community through prevention has been the over-arching FCSS goal for nearly 50 years. FCSS has led, encouraged, facilitated, co- operated and collaborated with every partner im- aginable. From engaging in community develop- ment to providing community-based services, FCSS staff and volunteers help individuals and communities identify and respond to their unique needs and priorities. We have supported Albertans in achieving their goals, building their resilience and capacity, and creating positive change within themselves and their community.
We should be very proud of the work we do and, over the last few years, we’ve become incredibly good at telling our story. Through our education and advocacy efforts, and proving our outcomes, MLAs and municipal councils across the province have a better understanding and appreciation of FCSS. Our community members and other organ- izations recognize the FCSS logo so much more. This has been no small feat and I congratulate everyone for taking up the call to action.
Despite our efforts, the F word, “Funding”, is still a bad word. 2014 was another disappointing year for FCSS funding. The lack of funding increase con- tinues to place extreme financial pressure on FCSS programs and their funded agencies and we must not stop our advocacy into 2015. The FCS- SAA Board intends to develop a joint advocacy strategy with AUMA and AAMDC to press for in- creased funding and I hope all FCSS municipali- ties, boards and directors will be persistent.
2014 was a busy year for your FCSSAA Board. My thanks goes out to my colleagues who worked diligently and effectively to ensure the governance of our Association is strong and that we are re-sponding to our members’ requests and expecta-tions.
We spent many hours in 2014 creating a new three-year strategic plan around educating the government and other partners about FCSS; and working with the Directors’ Network to develop strategies and tools to further the work.
Regrettably, we say goodbye to Regional Repre- sentatives Linda Derkach, Marsh Hoke and Ralph van Assen who are leaving to take on other im- portant work in their communities. They have giv- en many hours and energy to FCSS locally and provincially, and we thank them all for their im- portant and valued contributions.
Thank you to everyone working (paid and unpaid) with FCSS. Truly, it is your dedication and hard work locally, regionally and provincially that makes FCSS the outstanding program it is! Thank you for continuously giving us much to brag about!
Happy holidays, everyone and best wishes for a wonderful 2015!