A Social Vision for the New City of Hamilton, 2002


This Social Vision sees the new City of Hamilton as a safe, healthy and caring community which fosters a sense of belonging and pride. It is a culturally rich and diverse community which ensures that all citizens have access to opportunities and resources to meet their basic needs and promote their active participation. It is a vibrant community which promotes support for basic needs as well as inclusion and learning for all.

Vibrant communities ensure that basic needs are met. There is no individual or family without a roof over its head. No child goes to school hungry. No person suffers from abuse or violence without having a safe place to go.

Inclusion means that all members of a community are able to participate to the best of their ability. Inclusive communities remove more than just physical barriers. They remove the fiscal obstacles to participation and seek to engage citizens in meaningful ways.

Learning is concerned with opportunities for knowledge and skills development at all ages and stages of life. Learning communities also engage members in resolving complex social, economic and environmental challenges.

Appropriate social investments create the foundation for a strong competitive local economy.

Vibrant communities create vibrant economies and societies.

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