FCSSAA History

FCSSAA General History

General History and information related to FCSS and FCSSAA .

FCSSAA History


Redesign of Social Services

In 1996, during the government’s redesign of social services, FCSS was returned to (then) Alberta Family and Social Services.  However, the FCSSAA lost its provincial grant and its office space in the Ministry, and the Executive Director had to be let go. At the 1996 AGM, a motion was made to dissolve the FCSSAA.  Fortunately, the motion was defeated and the FCSSAA has grown tremendously since then.  It has become a strong voice on behalf of FCSS Programs and has built a solid relationship with government, through the Ministry of Community and Social Services, and other government and non-government agencies and organizations.

Municipal Affairs

In 1994, FCSS was moved to Municipal Affairs, the FCSS Regulation was changed and the provincial FCSS Program infrastructure was disbanded.  This had an important impact on the FCSSAA – there seemed to be no need for a provincial FCSS Association and membership fell.

Motion to amend the Constitution

Motion to amend the Constitution. Motion Carried for Constitutional Amendment #1.   Motion Constitutional Amendment #1 become effective as of the Annual General Meeting in 1987. Motion Carried.

Special Constitution Amendment

Special Constitution Amendment #1 Whereas the Constitution of the FCSSAA provides for the Executive to make changes in boundaries provided these are then submitted to the Annual Meeting for ratification; and Whereas a number of member boards have asked the Executive to re-evaluate the regional boundaries and the Executive has done this, having first surveyed the membership; and Whereas it was felt that the number of regions should remain the same it was also felt that regions need to be functional units which benefit all their members and this would be enhanced by expanding both Calgary and Edmonton regions to include larger areas and realigning boundaries accordingly; and Whereas it is not intended that this Constitution Amendment should take affect until the 1987 General Annual Meeting giving member boards and regions opportunity to plan for its implementation; and Whereas at that time the Executive will also introduce a resolution to amend Regional Representation in the Edmonton – Evergreen and Calgary – Bow River regions to assure that Edmonton, “Evergreen”; Calgary, and “Bow River” each elect on Regional Representative to the Executive and that notice of this will be given at the 1986 Annual Meeting; Therefore be it resolved that the Constitution of the FCSSAA be amended as follows: Article II (b): “For the purposes of establishing Regions within the Association the province shall be divided into Northwest, Northeast, Yellowhead, Edmonton – Evergreen, West Central, East Central, Calgary – Bow River, and South.”

Draft Amendments

Draft amendments to: Schedule “B” The Societies Act FCSSAA 11 (b)   replace existing paragraph with new one as follows:  For the purposes of establishing Regions within the Association the Province shall be divided into Northwest, Northeast, Central, East Central, South, Yellowhead, Edmonton, and Calgary.   Schedule “B” The Societies Act FCSSAA 11. REGIONS: (a)        For the purpose of promoting the best interest of the association, the Executive of the Association shall increase and adjust regions; provided that prior to any proposed changes becoming effective, sixty (60) day notice of a hearing before the Executive Committee shall be given to all members in the region affected, and any such changes shall be ratified by the membership at the regular Annual Meeting;   (b)        For the purposes of establishing the initial regions, the Province shall be divided into Northwest, Northeast, Central, East Central, South, Edmonton, and Calgary


1983 Executive comprised of members from each region: North East Region North West Region East Central Region Central Region South Region

FCSSAA Officially

In 1981, when the government changed Preventive Social Services to Family and Community Support Services, the PSS Association of Alberta changed its name to the FCSS Association of Alberta (FCSSAA). The FCSSAA began receiving a provincial grant, office space was provided in the Ministry, and an Executive Director was hired.

Different Name Same Purpose

1977 In 1977 when Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) was known as Preventive Social Services (PSS), the PSS Association of Alberta was incorporated.  The Association had no staff, no permanent office or mailing address, and board members from local PSS programs volunteered to do the work necessary to govern and manage the Association.


1970 — 1980 Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, the number of municipalities and Métis settlements participating in the provincial FCSS Program steadily increased.  The FCSSAA was growing as well – membership increased, annual conferences were held, and regional meetings were held in some areas.