FCSSAA Success Stories

Connecting Through Story in Strathcona County

Submitted by: Lauren McGougan

“Stories have the power to create social change and inspire community” – Terry Tempest Williams

Strathcona County’s Social Action is an innovative forum to share inspiring stories of connection, community and resilience. Developed by the Social Framework Leadership Table, a table of community leaders, Social Action is a platform to share exciting new initiatives and success stories that demonstrate the lived values of the Social Framework.  Social Action | Strathcona County

The Social Action Blog is a communication forum composed of a blog and social media channels, designed to share community stories and action that demonstrates the lived values of connections within the community. The platform showcases how residents and groups are working to create a supported, safe and connected community.

The Social Action Blog features a diverse range of inspiring stories from the community. Readers can learn about the 13 year old Community Change Grant recipient who used the grant funds to purchase over 130 school library books to represent diverse stories and lives, or, a local business who helped care for pets during the heat wave and went the extra mile to help a resident access community resources.

Through stories of volunteers making a difference in their community, organizations lending a helping hand and residents making a difference in the lives of others, the blog has become a way to inspire and bring people together to create social action.