FCSSAA Success Stories

Developing Through Mentorship


Submitted by: Zakk Morrison, Director

The annual resiliency Campaign and Celebration is an initiative in Taber, Alberta that targets local Grade 5 students. This initiative is a two-part collaborative effort organized by Barons-Eureka-Warner FCSS, AHS Addictions and Mental Health, and Family Connections. The Campaign focuses on teaching students the four elements of resiliency (feelings, self-esteem, problem solving and support systems), while the Celebration brings students together with a mentor who has had an impact in their life.  Although the overall program is well received by all involved, it is the Celebration which students and organizers truly cherish. 

The Celebration is centered on twenty-five Grade 5 students and their mentors. Students are selected from stories they write on postcards, sharing how one mentor has made a difference in their life. A selection committee made up of community members then chooses the top twenty-five, out of 250! The celebration offers each student the opportunity to read and share with all in attendance how their mentor has made a difference to them. This community event brings important attention resiliency for youth development and the significant role mentorship can play in this process.

Amanda Lawrence, not only attended as a coordinator of the event but was also acknowledged as a mentor. The submission by Abigail White was selected as one of the Top 25 postcards submitted by local Grade 5 students.  As shared in the postcard by Abigail, Amanda has had a memorable impact with this student. Their connection signifies the diverse and important roles within FCSS and the long-lasting difference FCSS staff can have on those we support.  

Amanda is enthusiastic and dedicated to supporting opportunities in youth’s lives.  For close to a decade, she has been a driving force and advocate in developing and supporting community projects to build on strengths; she is committed to showcasing youth in a positive way!