Directors’ Network

Key Messages

We provide the following services to over 200 FCSS Programs across Alberta:

  1. Strengthen and maintain a structured system of networking and sharing of information and expertise amongst communities, boards and staffs.
  2. Investigate and pursue common issues and concerns affecting municipal preventive social programs and those boards duly appointed by a local authority to administer such programs.
  3. Advocate on behalf of local communities and programs to the general public, municipal governments, regional service/government bodies, provincial agencies and authorities and national agencies and authorities.
  4. Provide orientation and education to individuals, communities, boards and staff via conferences, training events, newsletters and information included in the Resource Bank.
  5. Provide, where possible, assistance regarding concerns or issues of a local or regional nature, and when specifically requested, to individual FCSS boards or other boards to be appointed by local authorities to provide preventive social programs.
  6. Develop critical tools to assist communities and programs to meet local mandates and needs.

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Red Deer and District FCSS

Bobby-Jo Stannard
Address: c/o City of Red Deer. Box 5008, Red Deer, AB T4N 3T4
Phone: 403-877-6476
Fax: 403-342-8222
Email: fcss@reddeer.ca
Contact Website

Redcliff FCSS

Carla Spampinato
Address: Box 40, Redcliff, AB T0J 2P0
Phone: 403-548-3232
Fax: 403-548-6623
Email: carlas@redcliff.ca
Contact Website

Redwater FCSS

Garnet Davison
Address: Box 397, Redwater, AB T0A 2W0
Phone: 780-942-4101
Fax: 780-942-4415
Email: csmanager@redwater.ca
Contact Website

Rimbey FCSS

Peggy Makofka
Address: Box 404, Rimbey, AB T0C 2J0
Phone: 403-843-2030
Fax: 403-843-3270
Email: info@rimbeyfcss.com
Contact Website

Rocky View County FCSS

Dimitri Dimopoulos
Address: 262075 Rocky View Point, Rocky View, AB T4A 0X2
Phone: 403-520-1289
Fax: 403-230-7091
Email: ddimopoulos@rockyview.ca
Contact Website

Ross Haven FCSS, Summer Village of

Tony Sonnleitner
Address: Summer Village of Ross Haven FCSS, Box 70, Site 19, RR 1 Gunn, AB T0E 1A0
Phone: 780-999-6654
Email: cao@rosshaven.ca
Contact Website

Ryley FCSS

Mickey Wilson
Address: Box 230, Ryley, AB T0B 4A0
Phone: 780-231-4561
Fax: 780-663-3541
Email: ryleyfcss@gmail.com
Contact Website

Saddle Hills County FCSS

Kara Walter
Address: RR1, Spirit River, AB T0H 3G0
Phone: 780-864-3760
Fax: 780-864-3904
Email: kwalter@saddlehills.ab.ca
Contact Website

Sandy Beach FCSS, Summer Village of

Rudolf Liebenberg
Address: RR1, Site 1, Comp 63, Onoway, AB T0E 1V0
Phone: 780-967-2873
Email: svsandyb@xplornet.ca

Sexsmith FCSS

Naomi Robinson
Address: Box 420, Sexsmith, AB T0H 3C0
Phone: 780-568-4345
Fax: 780-568-2200
Email: fcss@sexsmith.ca
Contact Website

Slave Lake FCSS

Darcy Hoover
Address: 10 Main Street SE, Slave Lake, AB T0G 2A0
Phone: 780-849-8003
Fax: 780-849-2633
Email: fcss@slavelake.ca
Contact Website

Smoky Lake County FCSS

Address: Box 310, Smoky Lake, AB T0A 3C0
Phone: 780-656-4085
Fax: 780-656-3768
Email: fslw@smokylakecounty.ab.ca

Smoky Lake FCSS, Town of

Marianne ProckiwZarusky
Address: 56 Wheatland Avenue, Smoky Lake, AB T0A 3C0
Phone: 780-656-3674
Fax: 780-656-3675
Email: fcss@smokylake.ca
Contact Website

Smoky River FCSS

Crystal Tremblay
Address: 11 Central Avenue Southwest, Falher, AB T0H 1M0
Phone: 780-837-2220
Fax: 780-837-2647
Email: srfcss@live.ca

Special Areas 2, 3, 4 Board

Darcy Ferguson
Address: Box 820, Hanna, AB T0J 1P0
Phone: 403-854-5600
Fax: 403-854-5527
Email: darcy.ferguson@specialareas.ab.ca

Spruce Grove FCSS

Tammy Woroschuk
Address: #105, 505 Queen Street, Spruce Grove, AB T7X 2V2
Phone: 780-962-7618
Fax: 780-960-5228
Email: fcss@sprucegrove.org
Contact Website

St. Albert Community Services

Catriona Gunn Graham
Address: #10, 50 Bellerose Drive, St. Albert, AB T8N 3L5
Phone: 780-459-1511
Fax: 780-458-1260
Email: cggraham@stalbert.ca
Contact Website

St. Paul County and Elk Point FCSS

Janice Fodchuk
Address: 5015 49 Avenue, Saint Paul, AB, T0A 3A4
Phone: 780-645-1950 ext 209
Fax: 780-645-3104
Email: jfodchuk@county.stpaul.ab.ca

St. Paul FCSS, Town of

Lynn Smid
Address: 5002 51 Avenue, Saint Paul, AB T0A 3A0
Phone: 780-645-5311
Fax: 780-645-5512
Email: fcss@town.stpaul.ab.ca
Contact Website

Starland County Regional FCSS

Shirley Bremer
Address: 217 Railway Avenue North, Morrin, AB T0J 2B0
Phone: 403-772-3793
Fax: 403-772-3807
Email: info@starlandcounty.com
Contact Website

Stavely FCSS

Linda Smiley
Address: Box 249, Stavely, AB T0L 1Z0
Phone: 403-489-1661
Fax: 403-549-3743
Email: stavelyfcss@gmail.com
Contact Website