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Red Deer and District FCSS

Bobby-Jo Stannard
Address: c/o City of Red Deer. Box 5008, Red Deer, AB T4N 3T4
Phone: 403-877-6476
Fax: 403-342-8222
Email: fcss@reddeer.ca
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Redcliff FCSS

Carla Spampinato
Address: Box 40, Redcliff, AB T0J 2P0
Phone: 403-548-3232
Fax: 403-548-6623
Email: carlas@redcliff.ca
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Redwater FCSS

Garnet Davison
Address: Box 397, Redwater, AB T0A 2W0
Phone: 780-942-4101
Fax: 780-942-4415
Email: csmanager@redwater.ca
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Rimbey FCSS

Peggy Makofka
Address: Box 404, Rimbey, AB T0C 2J0
Phone: 403-843-2030
Fax: 403-843-3270
Email: info@rimbeyfcss.com
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Rocky View County FCSS

Dimitri Dimopoulos
Address: 262075 Rocky View Point, Rocky View, AB T4A 0X2
Phone: 403-520-1289
Fax: 403-230-7091
Email: ddimopoulos@rockyview.ca
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Ross Haven FCSS, Summer Village of

Tony Sonnleitner
Address: Summer Village of Ross Haven FCSS, Box 70, Site 19, RR 1 Gunn, AB T0E 1A0
Phone: 780-999-6654
Email: cao@rosshaven.ca
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Ryley FCSS

Tracey Boast Radley
Address: Box 230, Ryley, AB T0B 4A0
Phone: 780-663-3653 or 780-662-7066
Fax: 780-663-3541
Email: fcss@ryley.ca; tboastradley@tofieldalberta.ca
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Saddle Hills County FCSS

Kara Walter
Address: RR1, Spirit River, AB T0H 3G0
Phone: 780-864-3760
Fax: 780-864-3904
Email: kwalter@saddlehills.ab.ca
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Sandy Beach FCSS, Summer Village of

Rudolf Liebenberg
Address: RR1, Site 1, Comp 63, Onoway, AB T0E 1V0
Phone: 780-967-2873
Email: svsandyb@xplornet.ca

Sexsmith FCSS

Naomi Robinson
Address: Box 420, Sexsmith, AB T0H 3C0
Phone: 780-568-4345
Fax: 780-568-2200
Email: fcss@sexsmith.ca
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Slave Lake FCSS

Darcy Hoover
Address: 10 Main Street SE, Slave Lake, AB T0G 2A0
Phone: 780-849-8003
Fax: 780-849-2633
Email: fcss@slavelake.ca
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Smoky Lake County FCSS

Address: Box 310, Smoky Lake, AB T0A 3C0
Phone: 780-656-4085
Fax: 780-656-3768
Email: fslw@smokylakecounty.ab.ca

Smoky Lake FCSS, Town of

Rachelle Amyotte
Address: 56 Wheatland Avenue, Smoky Lake, AB T0A 3C0
Phone: 587-545-5599
Fax: 587-545-5599
Email: fcss@smokylake.ca
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Smoky River FCSS

Crystal Tremblay
Address: 11 Central Avenue Southwest, Falher, AB T0H 1M0
Phone: 780-837-2220
Fax: 780-837-2647
Email: srfcss@live.ca

Special Areas 2, 3, 4 Board

Darcy Ferguson
Address: Box 820, Hanna, AB T0J 1P0
Phone: 403-854-5600
Fax: 403-854-5527
Email: darcy.ferguson@specialareas.ab.ca

Spruce Grove FCSS

Tammy Woroschuk
Address: #105, 505 Queen Street, Spruce Grove, AB T7X 2V2
Phone: 780-962-7618
Fax: 780-960-5228
Email: fcss@sprucegrove.org
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St. Albert Community Services

Connie Smigielski
Address: #10, 50 Bellerose Drive, St. Albert, AB T8N 3L5
Phone: 780-418-6775
Fax: 780-458-1260
Email: csmigielski@stalbert.ca
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St. Paul County and Elk Point FCSS

Janice Fodchuk
Address: 5015 49 Avenue, Saint Paul, AB, T0A 3A4
Phone: 780-645-1950 ext 209
Fax: 780-645-3104
Email: jfodchuk@county.stpaul.ab.ca

St. Paul FCSS, Town of

Lynn Smid
Address: 5002 51 Avenue, Saint Paul, AB T0A 3A0
Phone: 780-645-5311
Fax: 780-645-5512
Email: fcss@town.stpaul.ab.ca
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Starland County Regional FCSS

Shirley Bremer
Address: 217 Railway Avenue North, Morrin, AB T0J 2B0
Phone: 403-772-3793
Fax: 403-772-3807
Email: info@starlandcounty.com
Contact Website

Stavely FCSS

Linda Smiley
Address: Box 249, Stavely, AB T0L 1Z0
Phone: 403-489-1661
Fax: 403-549-3743
Email: stavelyfcss@gmail.com
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