Success Stories

Trying out Chalk Drawing (Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers)

Great fun was had by all at a summer celebration in Rundle Park that brought diverse newcomer communities together. This little boy is trying his skills with sidewalk chalk, with the help of a community member. Through opportunities such as this, newcomer groups develop confidence to participate in Canadian life, develop positive social relationships and strengthen social networks

Hope is Coming

High River FCSS High River FCSS (along with hundreds of amazing volunteers) ran the Reception Centre for 16 days at the arena in Blackie. A young High River resident staying at the Reception Centre made this sign and it hung in the arena for the duration. She also made inspirational cards for volunteers, staff and residents. She said “hope is coming”, but she was the one who brought us all hope! During a time of devastation, High River residents connected, and built positive social networks to support each other.

City of Grande Prairie

(City of Grande Prairie Youth Engagement Awards Teen Art Show) The purpose of the awards is to promote the youth voice in the community while recognizing businesses, organizations and agencies that excel in youth engagement within Grande Prairie. Three award categories were handed out to deserving businesses: Youth Friendly Business Award - John Howard Society Tabono Centre; Youth Employer of Choice - Eastlink Centre; Youth Community Engagement - Alberta Health Services Mental Health and Addictions.

Central Alberta Refugee Efforts (Red Deer)

This photo symbolizes the optimism of many newcomers to Alberta. Despite what their pasts have held, they are looking forward to a future full of possibilities. Through programs supported by FCSS, immigrant youth are given a fun and safe environment that llows them to learn about and engage in their new community. These programs strive to promote a healthy adjustment and integration into Canadian society while empowering youth to embrace their own cultural heritage. Thanks to the support of FCSS, these youth are looking toward a bright future!

Green View FCSS

In our Roots of Empathy program, our tiny teacher, Audra, accidentally pulled the doll from the chair and bumped herself in the head. A chorus of “ahhhs” came from the students and, in the spirit of demonstrating the concept of empathy, one little student Losondra couldn’t resist giving Audra a comforting pat on the head.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Lethbridge

(Teen Mentoring – Mentors For Life) Teen Mentoring allows teenagers in our community a chance to make a difference in a child's life. Throughout the school year, high school students visit elementary students once a week after school, and play games, do arts and crafts and just hang out. Once the teens graduate from high school we find that most want to continue mentoring in other programs offered by Big Brothers Big Sisters. The most exciting part is that the kids in the program, more often then not, want to become Teen Mentors when they get to high school. Mentors For Life!

Big Brothers Big Sisters Lethbridge

Game On! is a Big Brothers Big Sisters program that was run for the first time here in Lethbridge. By taking kids who had no where else to go after school and matching them with amazing volunteers form our community, we were able to help learn the importance of being active, make better food choices and be aware of what they are putting into their bodies, and help them learn how to make and maintain friendships. These kids learned lessons they won’t forget and more importantly, they learned lessons they can pass along to the rest of the community. Game On!