FCSSAA Success Stories

A Silver Lining in the Pandemic!


Submitted by: Kim Williston, Beaumont FCSS

Isolation and lack of connection were huge concerns for many residents during the COVID pandemic. Realizing there were significant barriers in availability and accessibility to technology for low income residents during the pandemic, Beaumont FCSS partnered with the local Food Bank to secure a technology grant through the United Way. This technology grant enabled FCSS to collaborate with the Beaumont Library to develop the Tech2Go Program. FCSS used a portion of the funding to donate 4 new laptop computers to the Library, who developed a process to safely and securely loan the laptops to residents who otherwise would not have had access to technology or the internet. The Library Board agreed to purchase internet hot spots to be loaned out with the laptops.

This program has benefited Beaumont residents twofold by providing access to technology, and also an opportunity for residents who ordinarily might not have accessed the library to get a library card and get connected to all the great materials and programs the library has available. This program will continue to benefit Beaumont residents for years to come!