In 1977 when Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) was known as Preventive Social Services (PSS), the PSS Association of Alberta was incorporated.  The Association had no staff, no permanent office or mailing address, and board members from local PSS programs volunteered to do the work necessary to govern and manage the Association.

In 1981, when the government changed Preventive Social Services to Family and Community Support Services, the PSS Association of Alberta changed its name to the FCSS Association of Alberta (FCSSAA).  The FCSSAA began receiving a provincial grant, office space was provided in the Ministry, and an Executive Director was hired.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, the number of municipalities and Métis settlements participating in the provincial FCSS Program steadily increased.  The FCSSAA was growing as well - membership increased, annual conferences were held, and regional meetings were held in some areas.

In 1994, FCSS was moved to Municipal Affairs, the FCSS Regulation was changed and the provincial FCSS Program infrastructure was disbanded.  This had an important impact on the FCSSAA - there seemed to be no need for a provincial FCSS Association and membership fell.

In 1996, during the government’s redesign of social services, FCSS was returned to (then) Alberta Family and Social Services.  However, the FCSSAA lost its provincial grant and its office space in the Ministry, and the Executive Director had to be let go.

At the 1996 AGM, a motion was made to dissolve the FCSSAA.  Fortunately, the motion was defeated and the FCSSAA has grown tremendously since then.  It has become a strong voice on behalf of FCSS Programs and has built a solid relationship with government, through the Ministry of Human Services, and other government and non-government agencies and organizations.