Strengthening the FCSS Community

What We Do

The Family and Community Support Services Association of Alberta (FCSSAA) was founded in 1981, as a member-driven organization dedicated to bringing Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) programs from across the province together. We provide the platform for our member programs to connect and collaborate, so they can maximize resources and speak with an informed, credible, unified voice to all stakeholders.


Albertans are stronger together.

FCSSAA Mission

FCSSAA is a:

  • True Partner
  • Information Purveyor
  • Relationship Builder, and
  • Connector
  • For our members, organizations, and partners


     For the FCSS community in search of education, communication, and connection to help them achieve their full potential, the FCSSAA offers membership benefits that encourage growth, understanding, and development. We are driven by our commitment to provide intrinsic member value, information, and resources to promote our common cause and support our mutual interests. In so doing, we strengthen our members’ capacity.  We embrace our role as advocates and facilitators, driving systemic change so individuals, families and communities in Alberta are stronger together.

    FCSS Programs and the FCSSAA

    The FCSSAA is a member-driven organization, comprised of local FCSS programs funded through a provincial/municipal government grant. The FCSSAA provides resources for these local FCSS programs, advocates on their behalf, and creates opportunities for networking and sharing among its members.

    Help Build Vibrant Communities

    Have you considered a career with the FCSSAA, an FCSS program, or an associated partner with shared goals? By choosing to work in preventive support services, you are choosing to make a difference across Alberta, helping communities and families grow stronger and more resilient.