Learning Together Remotely

The FCSSAA offers a selection of online webinars to its FCSS program members. These direct and engaging knowledge-enhancement sessions deliver the insight members need to provide effective preventive social programming across Alberta.

Upcoming Webinars

No webinars are currently scheduled ... but we'll be adding another one soon!

Past Webinars

FCSS 101
This webinar took place on April 29, 2024. Facilitated by representatives from the provincial FCSS office and the City of Edmonton, and hosted by the FCSSAA. The presentation included: A look at FCSS (History and Mandate, Accountability Framework, Prevention Priorities and Strategies) How FCSS works (Governance Structure, Role of FCSSAA) Program Administration Outcomes Model Eligible Programs and Services Q & A
Sharing the Medicine of the Moose Hide: FCSSAA with the Moose Hide Campaign
This webinar took place on February 27, 2024.
May 16th is Moose Hide Campaign Day - a national day of ceremony where all Canadians are invited to stand up and raise a collective voice against violence towards women, children, and all those along the gender continuum. Grounded in Indigenous ceremony, this shared action is a tangible way to end gender-based violence across Canada - creating a safer country for all of us. Come learn more! On February 27th the Moose Hide Campaign joined the FCSSAA in inviting community groups across Alberta to host local Moose Hide Campaign Day events. Our goal is to make it easy for you to join us in a way that feels meaningful in your community.
Understanding Electricity & Natural Gas Utilities in Alberta
This webinar took place on October 19, 2023. For those who couldn’t make it, the Utilities Consumer Advocate is available to make presentations in your community and/or meet with people to help with utilities.
Canada Housing Benefit for Survivors of Gender-based Violence
This webinar took place on April 18, 2024. Alberta Seniors, Community and Social Services is pleased to share an update on its ongoing partnership with the Government of Canada to deliver rent assistance benefits to Albertans in core housing need. As part of the Canada Housing Benefit, the Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta have signed an agreement to deliver the new Canada Housing Benefit for Survivors of Gender-based Violence. Alberta SCSS department staff will provide an overview of this benefit, and provide more information on when and how survivors of gender-based violence can access it.
Expanding Hope
This webinar took place on February 21, 2024.
Expanding Hope invites you to join them in exploring the uniqueness of working with pregnant and parenting adolescents. Expanding Hope is an initiative delivered through a partnership between the Terra Centre (Edmonton) and Kindred (Calgary), funded by the Ministry of Children and Family Services, and designed to meet the needs of young pregnant and parenting people (ages 21 and under) across Alberta, particularly in areas of the province where specialized services may be limited. Learning outcomes include: Increased awareness of the services and support offered by Expanding Hope to both service providers and young families. Increased understanding of the barriers that young families experience, brain science and how it can inform our work with young families, and what trauma looks like in young families.
Strangulation: What Everyone Needs to Know
This webinar took place on October 30, 2023. For those who couldn't make it, the presentation and resources referenced are available here.