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99% of Albertans live in a municipality or Métis Settlement where an FCSS program is ready to offer preventive social services.

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Airdrie FCSS

Natasha Guillot
Address: 400 Main Street SE, Airdrie AB T4B 3C3
Phone: 403-948-8800 ext 8497
Fax: 403-948-6567
Contact Website

Alix Community Services

Michelle White
Address: Box 87, Alix AB T0C 0B0
Phone: 403-747-2495
Fax: 403-747-3663
Contact Website

Amisk FCSS

Kathy Ferguson
Address: 4911 53 Street, Amisk AB T0B 0B0
Phone: 780-856-3980
Fax: 780-856-3980

Athabasca County FCSS

Debbie Wood
Address: 3598 48 Avenue, Athabasca AB T9S 1T9
Phone: 780-675-2623 ext 8311
Fax: 780-675-5933
Contact Website

Banff FCSS

Shawn Carr
Address: 110 Bear Street, Banff AB T1L 1A1
Phone: 403-762-1255
Fax: 403-762-1264
Contact Website

Barons-Eureka-Warner FCSS

Zakk Morrison
Address: 2107 13 Street, Coaldale AB T1M 1C5
Phone: 403-715-2260
Fax: 403-405-2854
Contact Website

Barrhead and District FCSS Society

Karen Gariepy
Address: 5115 45 Street, Barrhead AB T7N 1A5
Phone: 780-674-3341
Fax: 780-674-4571
Contact Website

Bashaw FCSS

Linda Hannah
Address: 5011 52 Avenue, Bashaw AB T0B 0H0
Phone: 780-372-3911
Fax: 780-372-2335
Contact Website

Bassano FCSS

Amanda Barron
Address: 502 2 Avenue, Bassano AB T0J 0B0
Phone: 403-641-3788
Fax: 403-641-2585
Contact Website

Beaumont FCSS

Kim Williston
Address: 5600 49 Street, Beaumont AB T4X 1A1
Phone: 780-929-1006
Fax: 780-929-1015
Contact Website

Beaverlodge FCSS

Reanna Stockman
Address: 1016 4 Avenue, Beaverlodge AB T0H 0C0
Phone: 780-354-4057
Fax: 780-354-2207
Contact Website

Beiseker and District FCSS

Brook Swanson
Address: 700 1 Avenue, Beiseker AB T0M 0G0
Phone: 403-947-3774
Fax: 403-947-2146
Contact Website

Bentley Community Services

Barb Carson
Address: 4834 52 Avenue, Bentley AB T0C 0J0
Phone: 403-748-2160
Fax: 403-748-3213
Contact Website

Berwyn FCSS

Kristy Rees
Address: 5006 51 Street, Berwyn AB T0H 0E0
Phone: 780-338-3801
Fax: 780-338-2224
Contact Website

Big Lakes FCSS

Nicole Hanna
Address: 5305 56 Street, High Prairie AB T0G 1E0
Phone: 780-776-0008
Fax: 780-776-3821

Big Valley FCSS

Tracy Mindus
Address: 29 1 Avenue South, Big Valley AB T0J 0G0
Phone: 403-876-2269
Fax: 403-876-2223
Contact Website

Bighorn Community Services, MD of

Doug Saul
Address: Box 310, Exshaw, AB T0L 2C0
Phone: 403-673-3611
Fax: 403-673-3895
Contact Website

Birch Hills County FCSS

Larry Davidson
Address: 4601 - 50 Street, Wanham AB T0H 3P0
Phone: 780-694-3793
Fax: 780-694-3788
Contact Website

Blackfalds FCSS

Sue Bornn
Address: 5018 Waghorn Street, Blackfalds AB T0M 0J0
Phone: 403-885-6247
Fax: 403-885-0011
Contact Website

Bon Accord Community Services

Falon Fayant
Address: 5025 50 Avenue, Bon Accord AB T0A 0K0
Phone: 780-921-3550
Fax: 780-921-3585
Contact Website

Bonnyville and District FCSS

Rachelle Lavoie
Address: 4714 48 Street, Bonnyville AB T9N 2J7
Phone: 780-826-2120
Fax: 780-826-6488
Contact Website

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