Directors’ Network

Key Messages

We provide the following services to over 200 FCSS Programs across Alberta:

  1. Strengthen and maintain a structured system of networking and sharing of information and expertise amongst communities, boards and staffs.
  2. Investigate and pursue common issues and concerns affecting municipal preventive social programs and those boards duly appointed by a local authority to administer such programs.
  3. Advocate on behalf of local communities and programs to the general public, municipal governments, regional service/government bodies, provincial agencies and authorities and national agencies and authorities.
  4. Provide orientation and education to individuals, communities, boards and staff via conferences, training events, newsletters and information included in the Resource Bank.
  5. Provide, where possible, assistance regarding concerns or issues of a local or regional nature, and when specifically requested, to individual FCSS boards or other boards to be appointed by local authorities to provide preventive social programs.
  6. Develop critical tools to assist communities and programs to meet local mandates and needs.

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Kitscoty FCSS

Sharon Williams
Address: Box 128, Kitscoty, AB T0B 2P0
Phone: 780-846-2221
Fax: 780-846-2213
Email: assistcao@vokitscoty.ca
Contact Website

Kneehill Regional FCSS

Shelley Jackson-Berry
Address: 779 2 Street North, Three Hills, AB T0M 2A0
Phone: 403-443-3800
Fax: 403-443-5115
Email: shelley@krfcss.com
Contact Website

Lac La Biche County FCSS

Anita Polturak
Address: #100, 8702 91 Avenue, Lac la Biche, AB T0A 2C0
Phone: 780-623-6819
Fax: 780-623-2039
Email: fcss@laclabichecounty.com
Contact Website

Lac Ste. Anne County FCSS

Donna Kerr
Address: Box 219, Sangudo, AB T0E 2A0
Phone: 780-785-3411 ext 3609
Fax: 780-785-2359
Email: dkerr@lsac.ca
Contact Website

Lacombe and District FCSS

Crystal Zens
Address: #201, 5214 50 Avenue, Lacombe, AB T4L 0B6
Phone: 403-782-6637
Fax: 403-782-6639
Email: czens@lacombefcss.net
Contact Website

Lacombe County FCSS

Donna Mae Grant
Address: RR #3, Lacombe, AB T4L 2N3
Phone: 403-782-6601
Fax: 403-782-3820
Email: dmgrant@lacombecounty.com

Lamont County Region FCSS

Sara Rindero
Address: 5303 50 Avenue, Lamont, AB T0B 2R0
Phone: 780-895-2233 ext 217
Fax: 780-895-7404
Email: sara.r@lamontcounty.ca
Contact Website

Leduc County FCSS

Dean Ohnysty
Address: #101, 1101 5 Street, Nisku, AB T9E 2X3
Phone: 780-955-4535
Fax: 780-955-4765
Email: dean@leduc-county.com
Contact Website

Leduc FCSS, City of

Donna Brock
Address: 1 Alexandra Park, Leduc, AB T9E 4C4
Phone: 780-980-7109
Fax: 780-980-7127
Email: dbrock@leduc.ca
Contact Website

Legal FCSS

Gizele St. Jean
Address: Box, 390, Legal, AB T0G 1L0
Phone: 780-961-3794
Fax: 780-961-3703
Email: gstjean@legal.ca
Contact Website

Lesser Slave River FCSS

Sandra Rendle
Address: Box 722, Slave Lake, AB T0G 2A0
Phone: 780-681-3929
Fax: 780-681-3936
Email: sandra.rendle@mdlsr.ca
Contact Website

Lethbridge FCSS

Martin Thomsen
Address: FCSS Lethbridge, Community and Social Development, 3rd Floor, 910 4 Avenue South, Lethbridge, AB T1J 0P6
Phone: 403-320-3917
Fax: 403-380-2512
Email: martin.thomsen@lethbridge.ca
Contact Website

Lloydminster FCSS

Patrick Lancaster
Address: 4420 50 Avenue, Lloydminster, AB T9V 0W2, Canada
Phone: 780-875-6184 ext 2909
Email: fcss@lloydminster.ca
Contact Website

Longview FCSS

Kathie Wight
Address: Box 147, Longview, AB T0L 1H0
Phone: 403-558-3922
Fax: 403-558-3743
Email: info@village.longview.ab.ca
Contact Website

Ma-Me-O Beach FCSS

Roberta Schultz
Address: 615 2 Avenue, Ma-Me-O Beach, AB T0C 1X0
Phone: 780-335-3444
Fax: 780-586-3567
Email: roberta.schultz@svofficepl.com

Mackenzie County FCSS

Mary Driedger
Address: c/o La Crête Support Services, Box 586, La Crête, AB T0H 2H0
Phone: 780-928-3967
Fax: 780-928-3987
Email: lcss@live.ca

Magrath and District FCSS

Ryan O’Neil
Address: Box 520, Magrath, AB T0K 1J0
Phone: 403-758-3212
Fax: 403-758-6333
Email: ryan@magrath.ca
Contact Website

Manning and District FCSS

Arlene Henitiuk
Address: Box 125, Manning, AB T0H 2M0
Phone: 780-836-2170
Fax: 780-836-3570
Email: famcss@telusplanet.net
Contact Website

Mannville-Minburn-Innisfree FCSS

Jannette Riedel; Elizabeth Koehler-Lenko
Address: #4, 5004 49 Street, Mannville, AB T0B 2W0
Phone: 780-763-3005
Fax: 780-763-3004
Email: director@mannville.com or mmifcss@mannville.com
Contact Website

Marwayne FCSS

Shannon Harrower
Address: Box 113, Marwayne, AB T0B 2X0
Phone: 780-847-3962
Fax: 780-847-3324
Email: cao@marwayne.ca
Contact Website

Mayerthorpe and Area FCSS

Joanne St. Martin
Address: Box 420, Mayerthorpe, AB T0E 1N0
Phone: 780-786-2416
Fax: 780-786-4590
Email: fcss@mayerthorpe.ca
Contact Website