Directors’ Network

Key Messages

We provide the following services to over 200 FCSS Programs across Alberta:

  1. Strengthen and maintain a structured system of networking and sharing of information and expertise amongst communities, boards and staffs.
  2. Investigate and pursue common issues and concerns affecting municipal preventive social programs and those boards duly appointed by a local authority to administer such programs.
  3. Advocate on behalf of local communities and programs to the general public, municipal governments, regional service/government bodies, provincial agencies and authorities and national agencies and authorities.
  4. Provide orientation and education to individuals, communities, boards and staff via conferences, training events, newsletters and information included in the Resource Bank.
  5. Provide, where possible, assistance regarding concerns or issues of a local or regional nature, and when specifically requested, to individual FCSS boards or other boards to be appointed by local authorities to provide preventive social programs.
  6. Develop critical tools to assist communities and programs to meet local mandates and needs.

Advocacy Toolkit and Downloadable Documents

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Wembley FCSS

Pam Decker
Address: 9940 101 Street, Wembley, AB T0H 3S0
Phone: 780-766-2269
Fax: 780-766-2868
Email: fcss@wembley.ca
Contact Website

Westlock and District FCSS

Tracy Proulx
Address: 2nd Floor, 10007 100 Avenue, Westlock, AB T7P 2H5
Phone: 780-349-5900
Fax: 780-349-5551
Email: tproulx@westlock.ca
Contact Website

Wetaskiwin County FCSS

Geoff Lynch
Address: Box 6960, Wetaskiwin, AB T9A 2G5
Phone: 780-352-3321 ext 227
Fax: 780-352-3486
Email: glynch@county.wetaskiwin.ab.ca
Contact Website

Wetaskiwin FCSS

Misty Griffith
Address: 4802B 40 Avenue, Wetaskiwin, AB T9A 0A2
Phone: 780-312-7486
Email: misty.griffith@wetaskiwinfcss.com
Contact Website

Wheatland FCSS

Lynn Walker
Address: 242006 Range Road 243, Wheatland County, AB T1P 2C4
Phone: 403-934-5335
Fax: 403-934-2457
Email: lwalker@wfcss.org
Contact Website

Whitecourt FCSS

Sharon Shannon
Address: Box 509, Whitecourt, AB T7S 1N6
Phone: 780-778-3637 ext 409
Fax: 780-706-2483
Email: sharonshannon@whitecourt.ca

Wood Buffalo FCSS

Toni Elliot
Address: 9909 Franklin Avenue, Fort McMurray, AB T9H 2K4
Phone: 780-743-7000
Email: toni.elliott@rmwb.ca
Contact Website

Woodlands County FCSS

Gordon Frank
Address: Box 60, Whitecourt, AB T7S 1N3
Phone: 780-778-8400
Fax: 780-778-8402
Email: gordon.frank@woodlands.ab.ca
Contact Website

Yellowhead County FCSS

Wendy Robinson
Address: 2716 1 Avenue, Edson, AB T7E 1N9
Phone: 780-325-3782
Fax: 780-325-3783
Email: wrobinson@yellowheadcounty.ab.ca
Contact Website

Yellowstone FCSS, Summer Village of

Shelley Vaughan
Address: Box 540, Onoway, AB T0E 1V0
Phone: 780-967-5338
Fax: 780-967-3226
Email: shelley@onoway.ca
Contact Website

Youngstown FCSS

Emma Garlock
Address: Box 99, Youngstown, AB T0J 3P0
Phone: 403-779-3873
Fax: 403-779-3875
Email: ytown@netago.ca
Contact Website