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99% of Albertans live in a municipality or Métis Settlement where an FCSS program is ready to offer preventive social services.

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Fort Saskatchewan FCSS

Jennifer Hoyer
Address: 10005 102 Street, Fort Saskatchewan, AB, Canada
Phone: 780-992-6203
Fax: 780-992-0192
Contact Website

Forty Mile Regional FCSS

Corinna Roth-Beacome
Address: Box 100, Bow Island, AB T0K 0G0
Phone: 403-545-2200
Fax: 403-545-6642

Fox Creek FCSS Community Resource Centre

Wendy Chaychuk-Rieger
Address: 103 2A Avenue, Fox Creek, AB, T0H 1P0
Phone: 780-622-3758
Fax: 780-622-3738
Contact Website

Gibbons Family Resource Centre

Laura Schmidt
Address: 4807 50 Avenue, Gibbons, AB T0A 1N0
Phone: 780-923-2374
Fax: 780-923-2379
Contact Website

Gift Lake Métis Settlement Community Services

Gail Lamouche
Address: Box 60, Gift Lake, AB T0G 1B0
Phone: 780-767-2112
Fax: 780-767-3888

Glendon FCSS

Tammy Hellum
Address: Box 177, Glendon, AB T0A 1P0
Phone: 780-635-3807
Fax: 780-635-2100
Contact Website

Grande Prairie County FCSS

Kathleen Turner
Address: 10001 84 Avenue, Clairmont, AB T0H 0W0
Phone: 780-567-5598
Fax: 780-567-5575
Contact Website

Grande Prairie FCSS, City of

Tammy Wentzell
Address: Bag 4000, Grande Prairie, AB T8V 6V3
Phone: 780-538-0380
Contact Website

Grasslands Regional FCSS

Victoria Muhlbeier
Address: 143078 15 Avenue West, Brooks, AB T1R 1C7
Phone: 403-362-4549
Fax: 403-362-4571
Contact Website

Green View FCSS

Lisa Hannaford
Address: 4707 50 Street, Valleyview, AB T0H 3N0
Phone: 780-524-7984
Fax: 780-524-4130
Contact Website

Grimshaw Community Services

Tracy Halerewich
Address: Box 377, Grimshaw, AB T0H 1W0
Phone: 780-332-4005 ext 03
Fax: 780-332-2213
Contact Website

Hanna FCSS

Michele Toews
Address: Box 430, Hanna, AB T0J 1P0
Phone: 403-854-4433
Fax: 403-854-2772
Contact Website

High Level FCSS

Jena Clarke
Address: 10511 103 Street, High Level, AB T0H 1Z0
Phone: 780-821-4026
Fax: 780-926-2899
Contact Website

High River FCSS

Shelley Koot
Address: 309b Macleod Trail Southwest, High River, AB T1V 1Z5
Phone: 403-603-3425
Fax: 403-652-8623
Contact Website

Hines Creek FCSS

Leanne Walmsley
Address: Box 421, Hines Creek, AB T0H 2A0
Phone: 780-494-3690
Fax: 780-494-3605
Contact Website

Hinton FCSS

Caryn Bouchard
Address: 821 Switzer Drive, Hinton, AB T7V 1V1
Phone: 780-865-6031
Fax: 780-865-2669
Contact Website

Innisfail FCSS

Kristen Mackenzie
Address: 4943 53 Street, Innisfail, AB T4G 1A1
Phone: 403-227- 3376
Fax: 403-227-4045
Contact Website

Irricana and District FCSS

Brook Swanson and/or Samantha Scrivens
Address: Box 100, Irricana, AB T0M 1B0
Phone: 403-935-4672
Fax: 403-935-4270
Contact Website

Jasper Community and Family Services

Christopher Read
Address: 627 Patricia Street, Jasper, AB T0E 1E0
Phone: 780-852-2100
Fax: 780-852-2147
Contact Website

Kikino Métis Settlement FCSS

Roger Littlechilds
Address: General Delivery, Kikino, AB T0A 2B0
Phone: 780-623-7868
Fax: 780-623-7080

Kitscoty FCSS

Sharon Williams
Address: Box 128, Kitscoty, AB T0B 2P0
Phone: 780-846-2221
Fax: 780-846-2213
Contact Website

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